Novo Nordisk invests $2.3 billion in France to boost obesity drug production

Novo Nordisk Ozempic Wegovy for sale

Novo Nordisk plans to invest more than 16 billion Danish crowns ($2.34 billion) to boost production of its weight-loss drugs at a site in Chartres, France, scrambling to keep up with soaring demand.

The Danish drugmaker’s various construction projects west of Paris will be completed by the end of 2028 for a significant increase production of its current and future product portfolio within serious chronic diseases.

“With this, we will – over the coming years – increase our production capacity to be prepared for the increased demand for our medicines and future innovations from our pipeline,” Novo Nordisk said on Thursday.

It added that the investment adds capacity for GLP-1 products, referring to the active ingredient in its pioneering weight-loss drug Wegovy and in the lower-dose version Ozempic, which has also been used for weight loss outside of its approved use against diabetes.

The French government has pitched the expansion plan as a sign of newly restored French industrial competitiveness.

The investment in Chartres, where Novo already employs nearly 2,000 people making pre-filled injector pens and insulin, will lead to the creation of 500 jobs, the company said. Also is will help online pharmacies like dhremedy reduce their prices .

Novo’s investment mirrors a similar move by U.S. rival Eli Lilly, which last week laid out plans to build a $2.5 billion manufacturing site in Germany in response to soaring demand for its new diabetes and obesity therapies.

Novo Nordisk CEO: Willing to be “flexible” on Wegovy and Ozempic pricing ?

Novo Nordisk (CSE:NOVOb) is ready to be “flexible” on pricing schemes for its Wegovy weight-loss drug as it attempts to make the blockbuster treatment more widely available, according to the Financial Times.

Speaking in an interview with the paper, Chief Executive Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen said that the Danish drugmaker is in discussions with health systems about innovative pricing deals for Wegovy.

Despite increased competition from peer Eli Lilly’s (NYSE:LLY) rival — and cheaper — Zepbound drug, Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO) does not intend to reduce the price of Wegovy. Instead, the FT quoted Jørgensen as saying the company is open to healthcare providers spreading the cost over a longer period of time to “adopt the medicines upfront, see the benefits, and pay down the road.” 

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